Mental Health Literacy

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

  • Navigate Difficult Transitions of School and Life

  • Communicate empathetically about emotionally charged topics

  • Foster Mental Health and Create Positive Outcomes

Administrators and school leaders!
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Course Outline

Brain Science 101

Understanding mental health starts with understanding the brain. This module teaches you some simple brain science and activities that help you and your students understand the way their brains grow and develop. 

The Resilient Mindset Model

A model the helps you understand how the brain naturally responds to challenges. There are three parts to model with activities that reinforce each.

Brain-Based Leadership

This module covers how students learn from leadership styles, a formula for using challenges as an opportunity to build resilience, and ways to prevent & resolve conflicts

Mental Health Literacy

Develop an understanding of how to foster mental health. The more students and teachers know about the brain, the better they are at maintaining it in themselves and their communities. 

You're 90 min away

from understanding how to foster mental health and prepare your students for the challenges ahead.

About the Instructor

Founder of Pathways to Empower

Dr. Donna Volpitta

Always an educator, Dr. Volpitta loves finding ways to translate neuroscience so that people can apply it to their own lives. Her work is grounded in the latest research in neurology, psychology, and education. She is the co-author of The Resilience Formula, author of Neuroworld, co-creator of the Nametags Education Program, and is a sought-after speaker. A former classroom teacher (and mother of 4 adolescents!) with experience in both general and special education, Donna holds a doctoral degree in Learning Dis/Abilities from Teachers College, Columbia University.