What is Mental Health Literacy?

  • Understanding how to foster and maintain positive mental health

  • Understanding mental health disorders and their treatments

  • Reduced stigma around mental health issues

  • Understanding how to seek help effectively

Why is mental health literacy (MHL) so important?

Governments, schools, companies, and individual households are scrambling to address the mental health needs of their people. 

In this crisis response, they have focused on treatments and interventions that help those in desperate need. Understandable.

However, this treatment-centric focus doesn't help people prevent mental health issues, AND it does not support the overwhelming number of people who still choose not to seek help.

This is where Brain-Based MHL can turn the tide:

  1. It is proactive education that gives people strategies & tools to foster and maintain wellness
  2. It encourages a culture of openness and understanding that allows people to discuss challenges without judgment
  3. It gives people the confidence and language to seek help effectively

Mental Wellness Requires a Comprehensive Approach

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